Rejuvenate your natural beauty with our Professional Skincare and Beauty Products!


Incorporating the proper skincare products with aesthetic treatments is a key component to achieving desired results from your skin. Our medical grade skincare lines are designed to be used with aesthetic medicine. Our product lines deliver the best possible results for your skincare program.



The Replenix line has been specifically formulated with green tea and provides antioxidants to counteract free radicals. It is suitable for all skin types.


The Glycolix Elite line is formulated with additional vitamins and green tea to nourish the skin, while providing antioxidant benefits. Glycolic acid gently exfoliates the skin’s most outer layer and helps diminish fine lines and pigmentation.


Citrix Pro-Collagen Brightening Serum is a unique blend of lightening agents, as well as a 20% active Vitamin C complex. Vitamin C supports healthy collagen production and improves skin tightness & hydration, while brightening skin complexion.


Developed by the late Dr. Fulton, Co-Developer of Retin-A, this unique line of products utilizes mandelic acid to treat acne, prigmentation and aging skin. Mandelic acid is great for acne due to it’s anti-bacteral and anti-fungal properties, lifts skin discoloration and rejuvenates the skin by helping generate new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


MY BODY is a high performance probiotic skincare line that harnesses the power of probiotics to re-awaken youthful processes within the body, and boosts the skin’s overall health and appearance. MY BODY is free of parabens, sulfates and artificial dyes, and is suitable for all skin types.


Neova uses copper peptide complex technology in it’s products. This unique technology targets photo-damaged skin and helps visibly improve your overall complexion. Neova is suitable for all skin types.


Obagi products are designed to help minimize the appearance of premature skin aging, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damage and are primarily available through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical spas, and other skin care professionals.